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 My all time favorite, my first, my long lost baby... I started this site from various hosting comanies as an official domain in 1998. You can definitely see the progress I made in web design as the years went by. 1st pic is from 2003, the second is from January of 1999... It's funny to me just how much these pages stick in my memory. Hopefully very soon, this domain will once again be mine. For now, the domain squatters who control the URL want me to pay over $1500 to get it back from them.


 This was an off-shoot of Richie'sWorld, kinda obvious lol.. I set this domain up to keep my files seperate from the main RW site. I had graphic and audio files that would transform your PC desktop into several different subjects. From abstract things like "Satan Is My Motor" to the funny (and at the time very popular) "Profane South Park", which had thousands of downloads. This site was the showcase for them all.


 My first employed website for hire! I worked at the University of Houston Veterans' Services office during the year I went to school there. This site was the result of my boss liking the other work I had done. I wish I could find links to the Veterans Fraternity site that I also built while there, but for this page right now this will have to do.


 This was actually the third top level domain I created. It was supposed to be what today we would call a "blog" site. I liked the design and funtionality, but it never really moved me to do much with it. The pictures and humor were pretty creative IMHO.